when men cook

When Men Cook

When men cook, they take their task seriously. It’s a battle between them against food. And they are determined to cook the food and burn it to a crisp before they themselves are burned to ashes. Therefore, men wear full battle gear to ensure the achievement of this task.


This is the Childhood They Deserve

Some stories say that the photographer put an end to his own life after winning first prize in a prestigious photo contest. The Vietnam War Big bro carrying his dead little bro while refusing to cry. These brothers didn’t deserve their fate. Forced marriage for these children as soon as puberty hits. These children deserve […]


It’s Hard to Say Goodbye

One of the hardest things to do is saying goodbye. They say you never get used to it. Though it becomes a bit easier since the last goodbye,  it still hurts nonetheless. To make it easier, to make it bearable at least… Is to accept the fact that goodbyes are a part of life. Though […]